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Here is an interesting quote “how does a compass draw a circle? The heart (centre) stays still whilst the leg (pencil) does the action. How come dreams not able to complete like a compass? Because there is no action whilst heart (mind) changes too often.” Define your goal and keep your mind focused, achieving your dream is not “just a dream” #compass #achieveyourdreams #stayfocused #notjustadream #VC2 📷

Achieve your dreams

What are you willing to sacrifice for your dreams? The best teacher cannot make you become knowledgeable and skilful, you are the one to understand, experience and practice with the things you learnt. The best nutritionist cannot give you a healthy body, you are the one to maintain a healthy diet with the right selection of food. The best fitness coach cannot give you a good body shape, you are the one to exercise consistently and correctly with the instructions given. Teache


The distance between your dreams and reality is called action. 4 steps to achieve your dream: 1- know yourself in order to know what you really want. 2- confirm your goal and believe with all your heart. 3- stop thinking of obstacles that stop you from getting to your dream. 4- make workable plans, take action and make amendments. Repeat this step until achievement of your dream. Although some dreams might not be achievable, especially the ones involve free will of other

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